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Staying on top of EHS compliance can be complex and time-consuming. At GMG EnviroSafe, we make compliance simple. As your trusted partner, we take on those complicated compliance tasks and help you meet all OSHA and EPA regulations. You’ll never need to worry about compliance ever again.

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Count on our team of experts to handle all your EHS compliance needs.

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Rely on our HealthAssure team for expert care and support.

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EHS Compliance Experts

Industries we serve

Our expertise spans a range of industries, including paint distribution, auto service, collision repair, and commercial printing facilities. We strive for precision and dedication, making sure we understand the ins and outs of each sector and delivering compliance solutions customized just for you.

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We keep you safe

Customer Success Stories

Our valued customers can always trust us to deliver

Arrow Cryogenics worker in protective gear ensuring EPA compliance in industrial coating process
Arrow Cryogenics

GMG EnviroSafe helped Arrow Cryogenics meet their complex EPA permitting requirements, maintain consistent EPA compliance and reduce their worker injury rates.

Auto mechanic working safely, backed by GMG EnviroSafe’s EHS program
Auto Repair Center

GMG EnviroSafe executed a national safety program for a growing auto repair company, resulting in a 50% reduction in employee incidents and 40% reduction in direct costs per incidence.


Case Study No. 3

Paint Distribution

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Auto Repair Center

Automotive Repair & Maintenance

GMG EnviroSafe executed a national safety program for a growing auto repair company, resulting in a 50% reduction in employee incidents and 40% reduction in direct costs per incidence.

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What our clients say

“Choosing GMG has proven to be one of the best vendor decisions I ever made. I can't say enough great things about the people, the processes, and the technology GMG has brought to our shops"
Angela Goff Chmura

Goff's Collision Repair Centers

"I recommend GMG EnviroSafe to all manufacturers—especially those with complex requirements. GMG EnviroSafe has kept us EPA-compliant, and their recent OSHA support has been incredibly valuable.”
Curt Salo

Arrow Cryogenics

“GMG EnviroSafe has been instrumental in developing our company safety program. They have the experience and knowledge to assist us with our safety and environmental program development, implementation, training and compliance needs.”
Rob Fornnarino

Plant Manager, Metal-Matic, Inc.

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