Creating the transition to a safe environment for an established workplace

GMG EnviroSafe helped Arrow Cryogenics meet their complex EPA permitting requirements, maintain consistent EPA compliance and reduce their worker injury rates.

The Challenge

Managing complex EPA Emission units, Air Permits & Permitting forms

Arrow Cryogenics, a fast-growing provider of customized deflashing, deburring and finishing services has relied on GMG EnviroSafe team members for more than 25 years to maintain consistent EPA compliance. Arrow Cryogenics faces highly complex EPA permitting requirements, including frequent inspections and detailed applications for air emissions permit renewal every five years. With 53 emission units ranging from degreasers to sand blasters to anodizing machines, the company’s Part 70 air permit is as complicated as it gets. Arrow Cryogenics continuously faces long, complicated permitting forms. In fact, one recent renewal form was 218 pages long! Consistency and continuity are critical. If those permits aren’t completed correctly and on time, the company can’t operate.

Fortunately, Arrow Cryogenics works with GMG EnviroSafe, and we manage their entire renewal process. We also were asked to oversee their OSHA safety program, and immediately lowered their injury frequency rates. Recently, the company began a robust on-site assessment, software and training program aimed at reducing injuries. Read how GMG EnviroSafe helped this manufacturing company meet their complex EPA permitting requirements and lower their worker injury rates.

“Part 70 permits must be renewed every five years and a lot can happen in the interim. For a company like Arrow Cryogenics that continues to grow and expand, the complexity can become overwhelming without expert support. We see ourselves as part of their team and are working on their behalf to ensure all of their EHS needs are met.”
Mike Nord, GMG EnviroSafe

The Solution

GMG manages and ensures EPA and OSHA compliance

GMG EnviroSafe team members work very closely with Arrow Cryogenics and thoroughly understand the company’s operations, as well as their unique needs and challenges. The team manages the entire renewal process, taking the burden off the organization and ensuring against any loss of continuity due to staff changes. In addition, GMG EnviroSafe’s relationship with the state-level EPA helps ensure optimal communication and coordination between the company and the agency.

Recently, after many years of EPA compliance success, Arrow Cryogenics brought in GMG EnviroSafe to implement its OSHA program with a focus on further improving its overall safety culture and reducing injuries. The program included an in-person advisor, on-site assessments and evaluations, a team of experts in key areas, ongoing training and certification, and a full suite of tools and software.

The Result

A dramatic reduction of injury, illness and lost & restricted workday case incidence rates

Arrow Cryogenics’ most recent EPA Part 70 renewal was 218 pages long and incredibly detailed. GMG EnviroSafe leveraged its vast knowledge of the company’s operations as well as its environmental compliance experience and EPA relationships to execute a smooth renewal. The approach also ensures continuity in the process, regardless of any Arrow Cryogenics staff changes that might occur before the next renewal cycle.

The recently enacted OSHA safety program has also been highly effective. The company’s Injury/Illness Incidence Rate (IIIR) and the Lost & Restricted Workdays Case Incidence Rate (LWCIR) were dramatically reduced. The consistent and comprehensive program has helped create a stronger safety culture that is keeping employees safer and healthier.

Injury Frequency Year-Over-Year

GMG EnviroSafe continues to support Arrow Cryogenics’ complete EHS needs, analyzing data and continually improving programs and training. As the company continues to grow, its EPA and OSHA requirements will get even more complex. GMG EnviroSafe will be there to manage it all and help ensure the best overall outcomes.


“I recommend GMG EnviroSafe to all manufacturers—especially those with complex requirements. GMG EnviroSafe has kept us EPA-compliant, and their recent OSHA support has been incredibly valuable.”
Curt Salo

President of Arrow Cryogenics

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