In-Person Compliance

your all-in-one solution to ensure complete well-being

HealthAssure® compliance advisor and expert support on injury and illness prevention.Let’s roll up our sleeves. Let’s create a road map. Let’s get to work to protect your staff and your business with a comprehensive injury and illness prevention plan.Employees want to know that they are safe. We make it simple to act. Designed to protect your team from work-related safety and health hazards, HealthAssure® is your all-in-one solution to ensure complete well-being.

in-person compliance Services

On-Site HealthAssure® Assessment

Ergonomics Assessment

Fall Protection

Heat Hazard Analysis

Noise Exposure Monitoring

Training & Certifications

HealthAssure® bilingual training and certifications

Let’s make your team safe. Let’s make your team smart. The first step toward safety is knowledge, and the best way to protect is with workplace injury and illness prevention and certification.Your team members routinely deal with hazardous materials, but might not recognize other workplace exposures, such as high heat conditions or poor ergonomics, are just as dangerous. Without proper training and certification, your employees may not see the whole picture in how to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. We provide training and certifications in English and Spanish, in a classroom or online.

Training & certification

Bilingual Employee Training

Bilingual Safety Meetings

HealthAssure® Management Bulletins

New Employee Onboarding Process

Tools & Software

HealthAssure® tools and software to help you manage your team

Our tools and software make it possible to quickly meet regulatory requirements and prevent workplace illnesses and injuries without stress.At the backbone of HealthAssure® are a wide assortment of innovative, user-friendly online compliance and injury prevention tools to help you manage your team. From printable logs to posters, to online databases and software, you will be ready for whatever comes next.

Tools & Software

HealthAssure® Dashboard

Poster Packs

OSHA Form 300 & 300A Guidance

Laboratory & Medical Services

Comprehensive laboratory and medical services to keep your employees safe. 

We don’t burden our customers with pages of written documents and technical jargon. We don’t make our customers come to us to meet the necessary respirator requirements. Our workplace exposure assessments and on-site respirator fit testing makes keeping your team safe effortless.Nothing is more important than the health of your team and the health of your business. GMG EnviroSafe helps you take the necessary steps to protect your employees from workplace respiratory hazards.

Lab & Medical

Qualitative Fit Testing

Quantitative Fit Testing

Respirator Medical Evaluations

Workplace Exposure Assessment

What our clients say

“GMG’s expertise has greatly contributed to keeping our employees safe and ultimately saving our company money.”
Pat Myers

Boucher Automotive Group

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Whether you’re a large multi-location organization, or a single-location facility, GMG EnviroSafe can deliver peace of mind, lower your risks, save costs and keep your employees safe. Contact us for a needs assessment and recommendation.

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